Virtual aviation group

The Virtual Aviation Group is a Discord group of virtual aviators of all simulators, including this, Infinite Flight, FSX, FS2004, X-Plane, Prepar3d and was founded by @_keithjames99 two days ago and officially opened today. We talk about anything virtual aviation and real world aviation. Our goal is to bring the communtiy of virtual aviation together and make sure people make plenty of friends. The link to our website is and the link to the Discord group is Hope to see you in the group soon. Have a good day.

Just so I don’t get any hate these aren’t my words they are Keith’s have a nice rest of your day peoples

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You posted the exact same thing yesterday or so. People will join if they like what they see there, you don’t need to report.


I didn’t post anything about the VAG a couple of days ago

That sounds familiar… I wonder why…
I thought something like that already existed?
was it called like Finite Flight Community?
Oh wait, we’re on it. :)

Sorry for being immature but I would change the name… because VAG.


You filthy human being.

If you read the whole think you would see it’s not my idea

I read the whole thing, don’t have to get snide about this.

There’s a saying called don’t shoot the messenger

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There’s also a saying called don’t attack the reader - as famously spoken by a dear member of the IFC.

Sounds like an interesting idea. Good luck with it!

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