Virtual ATC

Interesting, They are wanting to use virtual ATC in place at real airport. Seems cool to me but too many variables.

It would be nice however to have that setup in my room for IF ATC. :)



That’s pretty cool, but in my opinion a waste of money.

Cool but unless you have a lot of money it would be impossible to have

Have you read the info on yahoo

Yea but you still would need a lot of money

Yes but it is for controlling real aircraft via video

I can’t say that this particularly thrills me to bits:

“The ultimate goal is to save money by having to hire less controllers, and to reduce flight delays at airports”

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if you want a good sim for atc, check out atc-sim :) Pretty cool browser game

My god that is extensive. Guess that’s what happens when you mix avgeeks and money.

Is this for training purposes or live operations? The latter is a little unnerving considering tech difficulties.

ikr there is a limit lol but that sure is cool.

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OMG!!! I want that…