Virtual Airshow

Good Morning All!

Since the majority of airshows have been cancelled due to COVID-19, it got me thinking. Why don’t we create a virtual airshow and include all types of aircraft.

Who would be interested?

Hey! There’s actually a virtual organization specially created for this, called Virtual Airshow Council!

Check out their thread here: Virtual Airshow Council - VAC | IFCAS VA | Uniting Airshow Enthusiasts

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The VAC’s got your back. It’s inside a month away, and we’re expected to still be at home, so you’re in luck

They only cover US airshows though, I’m looking at airshows more like RIAT and Farbrough here in the UK

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You can always create your own event! We’d love to see a European airshow.

Unfortunately, you are still TL1 (Basic), and the requirements for the #live:events category are TL2 (Member). Stay active, post, like, and contribute to the community, you’ll get there in no time, and you can post an event (just make sure you read the category guidelines first).

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Thank you for your advice! I’m almost at T2 so expect to see something soon!

There was a virtual RIAT last year. @DeltaMD88Fan and I may bring up another one if we get the chance. VAC tries to listen to the community’s Airshow fans and we deliver 👍🏻

Well on the contrary; “They only cover US airshows though” the 09MAY20 / 1400Z | VAC | Infinite Flight International Airshow @ KVQQ is an International Show, we don’t have many international performers listed on the schedule yet but there will be soon.

Yes the event will cover the US shows, but we always welcome our international Airshow friends.

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