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Hey group…FIRST POST!! I been using infinite flight since 2017… now looking to join a virtual Airline to make the sim more interesting! I’ve been looking at a couple and applied to 1 (won’t say who) but was denied because I didn’t pass the test(I don’t do good on test). I have 452 hours of flight time and a .02 violations ratio… any VA y’all can recommend to make the game more fun and real? I also use infinite passengers to spice it up a bit!! lol thanx group!


Hello and welcome to the community! You can try and find a virtual airline that looks the most suitable for you here! This is the list of every single Virtual Airline that is currently operational.


I was actually looking to get recruited if possible! lol

AFKLM best option or Qatari virtual

Welcome to If community, if you need help don’t hesitate.

I heard you want to join a VA, here one tips, join this one :


Depending on what you want, SASV can be an interesting option. They got nice codeshares, fun people and a lot of cool routes to all over the world (Greenland aswell). (totally not biased)


Shameless plug 😂😂😂


IFATC is the best one

@Lingling89 That isn’t a virtual Airline

Took the test… guess we’ll see lol!

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We hope to welcome you onboard soon!

Kevin - COO Air France-KLM Virtual

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Not biased at all 😉

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They didn’t accept me looking and applying to 1 more before I decide to quit looking and just keep using my infinite passengers …I just wanna fly…not take test

Every Virtual airline, requires tests.

I suggest visiting the IFVARB’s website for more information. BreezeVirtual is the best

Here’s an awesome VA, with great community, and some amazing codeshare routes! Reach out to me if you have any questions!

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Can I join without taking a test?

There will be a short test, which I will help make sure you are prepared for

Same conversation going on in other topic. Don’t need 2 topics for the same thing. Good luck!