Virtual Airlines

I tried applying to BAVA & QVA but none of those threads have active application form & even their sites are broken. Are they still operating ? I also texted them personally but no reply, any update I’m missing ?

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2 things.
1: Are you sure you are on the right topics? Many have multiple topics, but the newest one needs to be the one used
2: How long are you waiting? Applications can take a while to register. Give it up to 7 days maximum, but they should respond within 72 hours.

BAVA and QVA should be active. Especially QVA.
Scratch that. BAVA may be active but QVA (Qatar Virtual) is inactive now.

But I can not access the application form then how would I submit ?
Thanks for letting me know about QVA, sad to hear that !

Can’t access this link?


Think their trying to relaunch it though

Maybe someone 😅

Wow, this one worked. Thanks a ton mate…I followed a link that was mentioned in their official thread and my safari couldn’t load it. Anyways thanks a lot once again! ;)

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That’d be good. Such a big airline going inactive which had a big aviation hub set in Middle-East is bizarre.

There’s been some strange stuff up with certain virtual airlines recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if their websites were broken

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I’m a part of BAVA, and the website works fine on my end. Take another look and see, I’m pretty sure it is working :)

Ya it does work fine now…before it was not!

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