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I am currently a grade two, working on being grade three in infinite flight and wanting to ask if there are any virtual airlines that have hub at KBOS?


Hey! I would recommend checking to see a full list of all VA’s and their hubs!


Hello, @Tommy_Guthro!

As stated above, visiting would be a great first start. From there you can view almost everything virtual airline related.

With you only being grade 2, a lot of VAs will be restricted until you hit grade 3. However, there are same VAs that are available to you at grade 2! And with the possibilities of codeshares that each VA may have, I can see a lot of VAs having routes to/from KBOS. If you know if an airline that has an IRL hub, there, then if that VA is represented in IF, the VA will most likely have a hub there.

All in all, if you want to get in a VA tomorrow, I would filter to see what VAs only require grade 2. After that, it’s up to you to apply to what you think looks fun!

Hope this helps!

Noah Wills

Thanks you

Thank you.

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