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Let me start off by saying sorry for posting a bunch of topics, but I’m new to this game and have many questions. I’ve seen that there are VAs for this game, but how do they function? Do you need Live or certain aircraft/pilot status to be in one?

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It depends. Different VA’s have different rules. Some you don’t need live I know that.

I probably should practice my landings some before joining a VA…lol

Hello, @Algizmo! Would you like to apply to AlaskaVirtual? Our aircraft choices include: Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, Bombardier Q-400.
Interested? If so, PM us! Also don’t forget to visit our website:

Thanks- Alaska Virtual Airlines

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I am part of Qantas virtual you don’t need live to fly for us . But you do need these aircraft



But here is a link to our page and press Register to sign up and wait 1-2 days for a reply


Such as Qantas virtual which unless I am mistaken you are part of

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Thanks I completely forgot the “whale”

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Wait IF has the Airbus Beluga.

Back on topic now. I am part of Qantas Virtual.


I’m guessing you have the 767, so how does it operate? Is it a nice aircraft that’s worth $5? What about the Q400?

A good VA is the Infinite Flight Independent Airline, which lets you choose routes, aircraft, etc and a virtual money wages system.

Apply at

IFIA is an interesting concept.

Oh and there is 140 pilots, so you will have plenty of friends :) By the way, welcome to the community.

Thanks! Does anyone have an opinion on whether the 773 or 772 is better, since I can’t make a new topic currently.

772 has more liveries and most of them are passenger and the 773 is more of a cargo aircraft.

The B767 is a lovely aircraft to fly, one of my favourites.

With QANTAS they have a good training program so if you are new to IF you can build up the different flights, starting in the smaller B717 (free) or Q400 gain more experience before moving to real aircraft, just like s real life pilot.

I am currently flying the 717 and Q400 and the A320 but hopefully getting to the larger aircraft soon once i get promoted to first officer

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0-2hrs *Cadet B717 & Q400
2-20hrs 2/O A320
20-50hrs FO B767
50-100Hrs SFO B747
100hrs + Cpt A380.

  • Hours filed with PIREP

Posted in wrong place, my bad^^^

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