Virtual Airlines?

Hi there!

I’m new to the expert server in IF. I’ve played games such as Euro Truck Simulator which have virtual trucking companies. I was just wondering is there something like this in IF? & if so, Does anyone have any suggestions on a good VA for a new player to apply?

Yep! Just scroll through #live:va

Do keep in mind you have to have some experience in this sim for applying

Hey @JoshA20!

Yes we do!

You can have a look at the #live:va category or the website below and see what you like most and what fits your tastes! Keep in mind all VAs have different joining requirements so it’s best to check them out before applying!

With VA’s, you’ll expect to meet many new people and make friends around the community which makes the concept here have its charm. :^)

I’ll see you in the skies!

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I would recommend joining a new or a VA in the approval process because they are smaller, and they can help you as you help them!