Virtual Airlines

Hey Everyone. I’m looking to join a Virtual Airline. How do I do it? Where should I apply? Could you please help me with the process and the available options. Thanks and Happy landings :)

Here’s a good place to start.

That’s not how you join. Please let him know what you linked instead of linking a topic with no explanation.


First of all check this and see which VA/VO you would like to apply

2. After finding the VA/VO you want go into #live:va and see the thread and there should be a place where to apply if you can’t see where to apply comment on the thread and a staff member would love to help you.

Have a look through the #live:va category! You will find many beautiful and friendly VA’s to join. :)

I’m pretty sure you can check the VA Official threads in the #live:va Category.

Then, simply fill in the pilot application forms to sign up for the VA. If you are meeting up with the requirements of course. 😉

Yeesh, cut me some slack.

My bad, didn’t mean to sound hostile🤷🏾

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