Virtual airlines

So all through the community I have seen virtual airlines and could someone explain the virtual airlines in infinite flight to me please?

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A virtual organization that simulates the operations of real airlines. They’re great communities to connect with! There’s more information below:


To add to what @Nate_Schneller said, there are currently 78 approved Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight. I have attached the database that includes the link to each one below;

You can also browse the #live:va category to see active VAs and their threads, along with information such as how to join!

I highly recommend joining one! (or two, three, four)

And to start one I need to be trust level 2 right. And how do I join one if I am able

To start one, you must be TL2.

As for joining, different airlines and organizations have different requirements, based on age, grade, trust level, abilities in flying, etc.


Awesome thanks for the help

Anytime! If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, let me know via PM.

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Oh here I can’t find anything that says what you do once you join. What do you do when you join a VA

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You will usually join a Slack or Discord, where your VA will communicate announcements, internal events, and just general conversation.

You will be given a callsign (example: BAVA123, AAVA456, GAT789) and you will fly around (like a real world airline), using a list of provided routes. You can log these flights, earn hours, and rank up!

All in all, it’s a fun experience that allows you to make friends and have fun!

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Wow sounds awesome can I join more than one?

As many as you’d like.

Just make sure to keep up with their activity requirements :) (Example: 1 flight every three weeks)

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Aaa I see sounds great. Registering for virtual blue now

They are a great virtual airline to start off with, their education program is superb.

You might have to ask virtualBlue that question, as I don’t have a good enough knowledge to give you a thorough explanation.

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Got it thanks for all your help

Does anyone else’s know what transfer hours are

Could you elaborate with the context?

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I suggest you PM @virtualBlue.

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What do you mean

I think he means Transfer Hours and its use in VirtualBlue.

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