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I’ve seen an increasing number of TL1 users listing their favourite airline as their Virtual Airline in the bio. I’m proposing that the VA gets to change that field, not you. For example, is it likely that someone got into DLVA with only a month of experience? It’s possible, but not very likely. So yeah, I want the VAs to be able to change your Virtual Airline part of your profile, so we don’t get all these people listing their favourite airline as their VA.



That should be allowed as the NWVA CEO I can’t imagine someone joining my or any VA of any capacity as a TL1 IFC user


This is a good idea, but keep in mind there is many versions of one VA. There’s the IFVARB approved and the ones that are ‘fakes’ or copies of the IFVARB approved ones or the original ones, so those pilots might believe they are in a original VA that’s not yet IFVARB approved. On another note I like the idea and it would be a nice addition.


@DGGR, can you elaborate for me please? So you’re saying that if a VA/VO isn’t approved, they are automatically a fake or copy? If you think this, you’re really misinformed. No offense at all to IFVARB, but they just approve VAs to be in the IFC, not on Infinite Flight the app.

No. Some are not all, but there’s many copies of already established VAs on the IFVARB list.

Thank you for clearing that up. I’m reading your post (which I obviously misread), and I’m thinking that you just made a ridiculous statement.

I edited it, sorry for the confusion.

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So are you two for or against the idea?

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Like I said above I’m not

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??? So yes or no!?

That’s me saying yes, without saying the word yes. I’m on phone so I can’t quote it. But you get what I mean.

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Love this idea as a CEO as also some people who have left leave it as that.

Maybe just like regular role have a VA role which allows you to do it. And expanding on that that could allow the VARB stuff to be moved from Slack to a custom area of the IFC. (Thats for another topic though)


I don’t feel the need for this. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what ‘Virtual Airline’ they put in their bio, The Virtual Airlines itself would know that they are not a part of the organisation. For example if a virtual airline accept only TL2+ and a TL1 person has that virtual airline in his/her bio, people will know that he/she is not a part of the VA. I don’t feel the need to go removing peoples Virtual Airline off his/her Bio. And who knows if are actually in the virtual airline or not? in my opinion I just don’t feel the need.

Well by the time I joined IFC I already had a year’s experience on solo and 3 months experience on live. So it wouldn’t be fair if I wasn’t allowed to join the va because I did not know that IFC existed but had experience

Yeah It wouldn’t be fair

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Yes, but the point is, that people don’t put a random airline in that field, because they have no idea what a VA is

Yeah I may as well make a VA lingo dictionary for new people of the forum

Is this it?

A person’s status in IFC has very little to do with their flying abilities, maturity or ability to contribute to a VA.


True, but I think that having some experience in the community is a good thing. And let’s get back on topic. This is a post about the VA field in the bio, not who can or can not join a VA :)