Virtual Airlines

Hello, I run 5 virtual airlines. I also run World alliance, aiming to connect VA’s together. I hope that this post will notify you of them and gain them more support becoming larger. My Virtual airlines are Emirates, Finnair, Qatar, Delta and World of TUI. If you would be interested in joining any of them please search for @world_alliance on Instagram and DM(Direct Message) one of the virtual airlines connected to World alliance. Thank you

I think there is a one VA person rule @moderators?


I have 5 other people who help a co-manage them.

Yes, there is.

Wow running 5 VAs must be really hard work to be able to run them successfully! Am impressed


Fair enough, If you need websites, don’t hesitate to PM me

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sorry but i m the owner of emirates va since 14 october 2015

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If you want to have a VA ownership argument, PM @Josh_Mcmunn and do not post any more on the public thread.

It can result in an immediate ban.

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I don’t think there is a argument anyway

Yes, the mods are very clear about this.

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