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I know that their is a list of VAs somewhere on this forum but I was wondering if anybody knew of grade 2 acceptable VAs, and along with this if there are any military VAs that are currently accepting. I’ve just been looking into VAs to apply for and get involved with the Infinite Flight community since I just made an account and got online. Thanks for anyone responding.

Thanks for responding so fast guys!

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All of your info can be found HERE

or on separate #live:va topics (Different VA’s)

Most VA’s accept Grade 2’s but make sure to check while applying

While we are at it:

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You could check with GAF/IFAE if you are looking for military

As the chaser of balloons said, you can look through the database that he linked and find a VA that looks interesting to you.

A fair amount of these VA’s have some sort of training/informational document that they have for grade’s lower than a 3. But don’t let that aspect let you down.

Most of the VA’s like to conduct their operations on both the Training Server and the Expert Server. When inquiring or applying for a VA, ask questions. Let them know of your current standing and that you’re looking for a fun and enjoyable experience as a pilot in a VA.

Folks here are eager to help and are willing to set aside some time to help you out in areas that you may struggle in (if any).

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