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How to join the VA ??

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There is no such thing as “the VA”. VA stands for Virtual Airline and they exist for any flight simulator. VAs for IF are inofficial and you will find a post about many of them on this website. The more professional ones will have a link to their website were you can sign up for the VA.



There are a lot of qualified Virtual Airlines around.
I am in the leadership of the TravelSky ( virtual airline and I can absolutely recommend it, but choose one that fits you best.


Many Infinite flight Virtual Airlines already excist for example the Lufthansa VA [quote=“niclasdoege, post:1, topic:16194, full:true”]
I created a new Virtual Airline. Feel free to join If you are interested. Just fill the registration Form ( )and if you want the Lufthansa VA Newsletter please submit your e-mail adress and choose a call sign (LHXXX) LH202 is already reserved Join special events and have Fun hope to see you soon Our Website is

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I am in on called air.a320 if you want I can give you a link to our website

Hi there are plenty around, use the search function for " Virtual Airline" and you will get lots of results. Some VA’s are better organised than others and have a webpage or Facebook group. Suggest check out several to see what appeals to you and will help make your infinite flight experience better!

This is one recommendation.


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I am the current owner of the offical IFFG-Jetblue Airways! We are always looking for new pilots… Currently we are reworking on a new website that will come out January of 2016… But if your interested in joining. Feel free to PM me :)
CEO - Sean Murphy

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