Virtual airlines with flights to lxgb.

Hi. Today I am looking for a virtual airline that has a route into lxgb. I would nm love to start or work my way up to a 777. If you know any va’s or are in, or own a va that flys this route and has 777s in their fleet please let me know.

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The only airline that I know operates at LXGB with a VA here are with a 777 in the fleet is British Airways, so maybe check that one.


I dont believe they have the route at british. I was in the va a while back but I dont remember the having the route.

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British Airways operate EGLL - LXGB in their A320, so BAVA should operate this route too.
@Adam_Williams is the Flight Supervisor, so maybe he can give us more info.


I just looked on my old crew centre account for them and they dont have it:(

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Gibraltar was/is (can’t remember, sorry Brits) a UK territory. Therefore, they fly it. Also if you look for spotting videos there, you’ll see often a BA A319 there.

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I know who flys km ther irl. I just want to know vas that have 777s and fly there from egll

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Executive Jet Charter fly there, let’s not all jump straight to BA

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BAVA has 777s, and I think they allow you to fly every route that exists irl. Plus, they are one of the VA’s in the top, so I guess you won’t regret joining them (I am not in the VA though, this is based on general opinions)


I checked on my old crew centre account and they dont have it

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Yes - We operate the A320 into Gibraltar from Heathrow (EGLL), - BA492, and also the A320 from Gatwick (EGKK) - BA2662.

We do also offer the B777 in our fleet. And have a diverse set of routes and aircraft available to fly, from Rank 1 upwards. Most VAs strive for realism and therefore I think you’ll struggle to find any others that operate to LXGB, except from maybe EasyJetVA as they do also in real life.

If you’d like to know more about joining BAVA, just PM me or @IAGVirtual.

Cheers, Adam.
(BAVA Flight Supervisor)


I have already been in it,left cause I didnt have any routes I wanted to fly, but now I was going to rejoin if yall allowed me to fly a 777 in there because I can get it stopped in time on the runway.

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I know I would have to work my way up but i can do that.

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Of course, you’ll have to work your way up from Rank 1, we don’t offer the B777 straight away as it’s the mainstay of British Airways’ LongHaul fleet.

You can visit our thread to apply and find out more about what we do, or PM me if you need any more information.

Of course I am sure there are many other Great Virtual Airlines which also operate to LXGB, so you can check them out too.


Ok,but is it possible to work my way up to a 777 and fly it from egll to lxgb?

Continued in a PM. :)

Roger doger

Gibraltar still IS a British Overseas Territory. (Sorry Spain).

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Hi! WOW virtual does charters there every so often. PM me or @WOW_virtual for more information. We would love to have you flying with us!

But no 777 for them?