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Sorry if this thread is repeated, but can anyone please provide a link to the rules where it states a user can only be a member of staff in one VA at a time :-)

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I’m on it now. Standby for it

Do you want to be a member of a VA or be a manager or staff in it? I’m sorry I didn’t quite understand what you meant by “staff”.

I just want to clear up if you can be a member of staff ie recruitment manager in one VA then a Routes Manager in a different VA

So i guess what im trying to say is cam you be admin/staff in a number of different virtual airlines

Oh okay, hold on, I’m checking it up.

Got it boss, you didn’t have to say it the second time.

Is it an IFVARB rule because I can’t find it on there website

You can. But really it should be discouraged. We as CEO’ talk regularly with the IFVARB about how we want to increase the standard of VA leadership. The question often posed is, how can you commit enough time to a VA, as a leader, promoting it and putting your 100% into it, if your time is split with being a leader elsewhere.

My suggestion, find a VA you like and wish to progress with, get in touch with the IFVARB who would be more than happy to buddy you up or signpost towards someone in that role, who could mentor you and help you and that VA achieve.



Im absolutely sure ive read it somewhere on IFVARB in the past im certain of it

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You did in fact read that because it was once a rule that I remember too. However, I’m not sure that the rule stands as it is not included in the updated policy shown on the forums:

I’d check with an IFVARB admin about this. As @LouDon also said, It should be discouraged. Try to commit your time to one VA instead of splitting it between 2.

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Hi @Dannyshaw24

The mark is set at a maximum of 3. As others have said (@LouDon in particular), we discourage going for multiple staff positions (especially as some go for the status as opposed to wanting to actually help and improve VAs), although if you’re willing to put in the right level of work it isn’t a problem.

VA owners are welcome, however to ask new staff not to have other staff posts, if they wish.

// IFVARB Admin