Virtual Airline's staff positions

I thought it will be useful to create a topic where Virtual Airlines can post their staff position offers!

I have checked and didn’t find similar topic on the forum

Click on the name of VA to see their offers!
VA’s can pm me so I can put them in the list

AirBaltic Virtual

Position available:

  • Head of Internal Affairs
  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Recruiter
  • HR Manager
  • Chief Pilot
  • Event Organisation Manager

Link to apply: form

Is this really needed? If people want to apply to a VA they can simply go into the VA category and look around.

Well. I mean to be approved by IFVARB you should have staff members but you cant post before they approve you

I don’t think it is needed.

People can simply choose a VA (from the thread linked above) they would like to join and see what positions are available.

Not sure about this. It’s mod approved right?

Thread is not needed. We have a database and wait to get approved before posting.