Virtual Airlines Directory? Please list the airline and site. I will create wiki.

I was wondering if there is a virtual airlines directory that is active. I wanted to see which ones are still around and I think this would be a great tool for those that do want to join a VA if there is not one already made. .

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Most VA’s are on Instagram, have a look their.

so for example, I fly AA or Delta. Do you happen to know their IGs?

You the user make the post a wiki.

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yes be good if we could have a single list with the VA’s and their contact details / websites so people can go and check them out for them selves. NO advertising by the VAs,(and certainly no arguing about 'I own that one!) just a simple list of the names and websites

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so to your knowledge, there isnt one already or anything close to one

I think there was. It was on Kilts page I believe. Or some other. You could go on and create your own.

Do it yourself :D I’m sure you will be venerated by the community ;)

TravelSky Airlines -

Deltavirtualairlines is deltas insta

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