Virtual airlines create

Hi everybody. I want to create a virtual airline. But I want to ask. If I can already create a virtual airline, do I have to create an IFC again so I can post events, official threads, etc. like GAVA?

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Hey mate,

You don’t have to create an official VA account for your virtual airline but once you are IFVARB Approved you can reach out to moderators and ask for permission which in the majority of cases they will grant.

Make sure to ask for permission first to create a second account though as you may receive a warning for creating a duplicate account if you don’t seek permission from the moderation team first.

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Once your VA, if you make one, gets approved by the IFVARB, you will be permitted to create an account for that VA. We will bump it to TL2 upon verification of being approved.

Check out this topic regarding rules for a VA account: