Virtual Airlines Advertisement Service!

Hey! I’m Oscar and I like to edit things,
I’m currently looking to make some money by creating advertisments for various companies (Not on IFC), however, I can’t charge if I don’t have any examples, so the first three VA Responses with a contactable CEO will get a free 30 Seconds - 1min 20 ad
(I can film some clips but I’d much prefer you to film them, ideally if you already have.)

I’ll contact the first three, thanks!

All three VA’s chosen, might do this again sometime.


Where would these advertisements be posted?

Anywhere the VA wishes for them to be. Once I edit the video it is handed over to the VA, and that’s as far as my work goes.

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I don’t know but some people like to view it as a brand, simple stuff really.
Also, it’s free rn and I might not go into charging for IF, but I can use it for examples of my work and some people get some cool advertisement for free :)


Sign me up! I’m CEO of Alaska Air Group Virtual. We would love a promo or advertisement! I don’t have video since I play on Kindle I can’t record, but I will help where I can. This would be awesome if we haven’t missed our chance.

I don’t know why someone would spend money on an ad for a fake company

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Thanks for your insightful comment.

I am curious as to what you plan on using the money for?

I don’t think people would want to support you if you’re saving up to buy a new toy plane, but if it’s something productive like a pilots license that’s a different story.


I’m not charging on IFC.

You haven’t really shown your video editing skills?

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Thats right. A example is needed for VA owners to see what you can do.

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Can you make a free ad for emirates VA I’m CEO

Sorry, but I honestly feel this idea will fail. Offering to make videos for VAs just as volunteer work for fun is one thing, but trying to make money by doing so…
It isn’t that hard to make a video, there are plenty of free recording and editing methods, the only thing needed is time. Unless you have some sort of absolutely superb editing skills and work in Hollywood, this just won’t succeed. Sorry, but that is how I feel this will end.

I think that you should go through the VA Review Board before posting something of this nature. Contact @JoshFly8

Sign me up! I’m the CEO of China Airlines VA!

Ok we already have the first three airlines the :
China airways

Isnt this basically hurting the guidelines ? I mean, this topic will be gone anyway in a day but just curious

From what I can tell, this topic doesn’t go against or hurt the guidelines in any way. In fact, I see nothing wrong at all with what he is doing.

Admittedly, I myself would be hesitant to pay for advertising my virtual alliance because I’m not running it to make/spend money; I’m volunteering my time to add an extended realism to the simulator and simply have fun. Other VA owners however may choose to spend on advertising and no one is stopping them. What @Night__ is doing is no different than any other advertising professional, with the possible exception of quality.

As for that, you were clearly wrong. The explanation why is above.

For all those saying it stupid to charge, I mentioned to someone that I’m not going to charge on IFC and it looks like a few people cannot be bothered to read through comments before posting, so I edited the thread.

If anyone is still wanting an ad to be done, I can’t accept anymore as a lot of requests have come in.

Thanks to those who read the comments and didn’t moan about charging.

Can you provide examples please?..

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