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Tried to join a virtual airline yesterday, but just came up short on the exam. Can’t try again for another week. Wish my flight history and grade were enough, to be accepted. Are there any airlines, that don’t require a test to be taken. Thanks in advance, for any replies.


I’m pretty sure every VA has to have a test to get in. they can’t have trolls being in the airline. <<< (This is from my experience look for Va’s)

Wish you the very best :), Chris

Im quite sure all VA’s have tests, but just because you didn’t pass in one or meet the requirements, doesn’t mean they are all the same so keep looking and im sure it will work out for you!

Thanks for the reply Chris. One look at my stats, should be enough to see, that I’m not a troll. I fly every day, and do a lot of overnight long hauls. Just annoyed, that I have to wait a whole week, before trying again.

All the best to you.

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While your stats are important, other things are necessary to get into VAs, such as good character and the ability to fly realistically. Stats are only a part of it.

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Thanks Deltafox. My stats by far exceeded, what was required, just the poxy test, did me. I am a responsible flier, and do everything that is asked of me.

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Hi there! Most of the questions on VA tests are based on the User Guide which can be found in the app or right here:

I suggest you to take a look at it and note some stuff down, the user guide really is a life saver.

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Thank you Lotus, and happy flying.

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As @Lotus said the user guide is a great place to gain tons of useful knowledge in the sim. Another source would be the Infinite Flight YouTube channel where they post tutorials and more all of which are packed with tons of information.

VA tests usually have 2-3 parts. 1 part being ATC commands and communication with ATC, another part being general flying knowledge, and another part being scenarios when flying.

Hope this helps and I hope you make it into a VA soon as they are what makes this community awesome.

I have a VA I am still starting up but you can help me or just join.

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Yes please. If I can be of any help.

Hey Mark,

Some of the replies above were excellent and really explained why a test would be necessary. As a Virtual Airline CEO myself, you would be surprised how many pilots have excellent statistics, yet poor flying habits or knowledge. These things are very easy to learn! One look at the user guide in which @Lotus pointed out, and you should know most of the knowledge required.

You mentioned before that the VA you applied for had a 1 week waiting period between tests. Use that time to understand what you got wrong on the test and understand why the answers you chose were wrong. By entering the question into Google, looking at Flight Forum’s and help guides, and even watching some YouTube videos can help you get a better feel of what the expected knowledge of pilots should be.

Additionally, one never penalizes a pilot for asking for help. Reach out to your VA recruiter if you can’t find the answer to something. If you don’t know who your recruiter is, send a PM to the VA Infinite Flight Community account. Below, I have linked some resources to possibly help you as well as the database of VA’s just in case if you find some other ones you might be interested in!

Practice Test:

Informational Websites and Resources:

Community Tutorial Category on the Community!

All of the above resources should help you out in some capacity. Whether it be from scrolling through the Community Tutorials to understanding how to communicate using ATC from the YouTube channels “Legacy Tutorial Playlist” or the Flying Guide.

If you ever need any help understanding how to do better on exams such as these, do not hesitate to reach out!


What a great reply. Thank you for the advice, and the links. Very much appreciated.


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