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I have a VA, but I still have a Crew Center, so there is a dedicated website for it?

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please move this to general as this is not a technical question about the app. Can you please eloborate? I do not quite understand what you are saying

I want to open a new Airline ,but I need a Crew Center. A lot of VA‘s have the same style of Crew Center. Where can I get this style?

Oh now it makes more sense I think (If I remember correctly) there are crew center under #thirdparty you will just have to scroll through there and look

Their is people on IFC who can help you make a Crew Center for your VA

Where can I find this people?😂

here are a couple link

alot of virtual airlines use this

another one Infinite Airlines - Providing best crew websites!

Infinite Airlines used to setup phpVMS CCS for VAs, but no longer exists.


@Starz is the main one at the moment

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Hola. Shoot me a PM and I can get you set up. :)


The best one I found is

VABase is a bit overpriced in my opinion, and from what i’ve heard the support is slow and it’s a bit hard to customize.


It’s indeed hard to customize if you don’t know CSS, whatsoever, it’s still a good CC.

You can use air table and embed it on your website that’s what I i did for my va

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