Virtual airline

What’s the best virtual airline ? That I can join, cause I want to another one

Instead of having people telling you that their virtual airline is the best, you can check for the database.


What are you looking for in a Virtual Airline? There is no best virtual airline.

Ok, on my list.

Well, @Lawin_S,

From my experience, there is no best VA. Each VA has a stand-alone feature.

If you want big VAs with a lot of people, then I’d suggest BAVA (British Airways), DLVA (Delta), or Qantas Virtual.

If you’re looking for relatively big VAs with really good reputation and multiple sets of routes, then I’d suggest Nonstop Virtual, United Virtual, and Air India Virtual.

But if you want a good starter VA, I’d suggest exploring. I would’ve been biased enough to advertise my own, but there are so many VAs out there.


This type of topic ends up being an advertisement for every VA that replies. In order to answer this question you may need to do some research.

  • What you are looking for in a VA is a personal decision. What others like you may not like.
  • Search the IFVARB database for ones that may be interesting. Be sure to visit the VA website as most will have the common questions answered on there.
  • Browse the #live:events or #live:va categories for posts from the VA to see how they are organized and how active their events are.
  • PM some of their pilots who may reply to their topics if you have additional questions.