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Hello everyone! I wish I could be part of a virtual airline, but I know I am not yet a good pilot to be part of it! I wonder if it is possible to enter an airline by carrying out its program in parallel by flying alone, so as to gain more and more experience! Is anyone available to do this?

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If you’re looking to do a flight with people, check out this topic linked below and follow the format.

As for a virtual airline, check out the #live:va category.

Never heard of this, and I don’t think VAs do so. Until then, I believe your temporary solution is tho fly and land more to gain hours and landings.

Most VA’s have Universities, Pilot Training and other similar Programs. Just check in IFVARB website or any VA IFC thread :-)

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Grazie per l’aiuto

I think you can join some VAs… I joined a few VAs when I was just grade 1…

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If you’re a pilot for any virtual airline it doesn’t limit you to fly only for them, you can fly whatever you want, wherever you want, no matter how many VAs you’re a part of

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