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So I was looking on applying for a virtual airline but I was very confused about what you have to put for your application. Do you need to have experience in a Virtual Airline to be in one? Is there anything specific that they are looking for?

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It all depends on the company, with mine we like to see some experience but we will take people with none.

It certainly depends on the VA. If you got any questions regarding a specific VA it’s always best to contact a representative of that VA or VO. You are most likely to find those on their website or in their thread on the IFC 😊


I’m just sort of confused on the whole point of virtual airlines. I read what it’s about but what are the benefits?

Gives you a purpose to fly, events, group flights, and you can make a few friends. Gives you something to focus on, ranking up and if you just keep flying reach grade 5, 1 million xp, thers not really not much more to achieve. Its just something nice o belong to, giviing you a purpose to fly. I highly recommend you join one, its an amazing experience

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But I read the requirements, it seems very difficult to get in. So when I join do I just contact the CEO and submit an application?

Go on to their thread, i believe all Vas have one in #live:va Then it will have instructions on how to apply. I wouldnt say its extremely easy to get in, nor extremely hard. Most would probably have some sort of entry test. All require you to be in good standing on IFC, and to have favourable IF account stats. You dont have to be an extremely, exceedingly good pilot, just acceptable, but not a bad one either.


DLVA (Delta) is also one of the best. BAVA (British airways) is great as well.

However, instead of DLVA and BAVA, I would suggest Japan Virtual, Air Canada Virtual, or maybe Cathay Virtual for starters, because you can experience routes for yourself before joining DLVA and BAVA. Qantas Virtual is a good one too for starters, but I maybe biased on Qantas Virtual.

It also depends on your grade, whether you meet requirements, and which VA you are interested in. PM me if you’d like help with joining virtual airlines.

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