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First off, I apologize I did not know where to post this thread but I am looking for a virtual airline to join but the problem is, I’m pretty low grade and I feel like I would fly more in a virtual airline… can anyone recommend one to me? Or does anyone know of a va that accepts with these stats

Hi! Check out the IFVARB Website to find VA’s that excite you!

Or check out the #live:va and have a scroll!


I don’t think many airlines if any would take you, as they’re based in expert server, the best thing i could say is if you have two devices do long hauls to get the hours, but still have one device to socialize and us social media apps with and than in an uncontrolled Airport in training do touch and goes to get landinds up or in casual, once your grade 3 every VA would with open arms take you in as long as you met their application requirements ( i repeat don’t not use two devices with the same subscription)

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Thats not always true. Several VA’s have Grade 2 allowances, or exceptions.


Yes very true as to why i said not many:) but there are some indeed

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My advice is go to the IFVARB scroll through the VA’s and read their application requirements:)

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You can even look for staffing! Some new VAs have lower requirements. Scoot, for example only requires 5000 XP, and 25 Landings. Feel free to PM me for more info!

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DHL Virtual | Your Freight. Fast. | Hiring Staff and Pilots! here’s a link to a VA you might be interested in

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I seriously hope you’re not telling the OP to use 2 devices at the same time.

If anyone even tries that, device 1 would be removed from its server - enjoy the violations!

unless there are 2 separate subscriptions.


I wrote that horribly wrong😅 i meant it as use one device to fly and than you can still have another device to use to socialize with friends on social media apps

If only that was said earlier :|

If you’re willing to show commitment, dedication and learn to be professional then I think Qantas VA would accept you. @QantasVirtualGroup

SWA. Great place to learn and great routes with great scenery and a great working atmosphere.

Guys, not trying to have a dig at anyone here, but I think rather that advertising your VA, I think @Connor ‘s post sums it up the best it can. The guy has a choice on what VA he wants to join, and a list of them is plenty :)


Many virtual airlines offer a flight training school. If you join with stats that are below the requirements, there are pilots that will teach you the “ways of expert server”.

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I read a little in to DHL that’s why i posted their link that’s all :) they have a training program

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I understand the want for more members but please read my post. This place isn’t an advertisement board nor should it be. Let’s not overwhelm somebody :)

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