virtual airline

Hey Guys!

I currently own a VA, and I’m looking for staff.
It’ll be soon on the reservations list.

There are no requirements for staff, you just must have Discord.
If you want to join, PM me!

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Is your VA IFVARB approved!

If so this should be in #live:va

Uhhhh. Read the post.

Yeah yeah…i was just checking!

Technically, by the VA rules, you can’t have people join until your VA has been approved by the IFVARB!

No, that isn’t in the VA rules.
Imagine making a VA thread and you being the only staff member.

As many times recommended that you should PM people that you know and trust to be staff so that you yet better people for the job.

I would think you may have learned from the past.
This did not go well for you last time:

There are other ways to recruit. PM users you think may do well with an offer, etc.


I believe that if your VA isn’t IFVARB approved, then you cannot make a thread for asking people to join your VA. Although PM’ing people about if perfectly fine.


Already did, yet no one is replying.

You have to wait. A thread isn’t going to make a difference.

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Ok, that’s what you think :)

So far I’ve received 1 PM about joining the va from this thread.


It takes time. PM’ing people can do the same thing. It just depends on who you are PM’ing. :)

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At the end of the day, this is not an approved way of doing this.
I would be willing to bet that this is not the best publicity for your VA.
I recommend PMing as I said above, or getting approved, posting your thread, then recruiting there. You should be able to get things started solo.


I flagged the topic. Please learn from your mistakes next time. :)

K people, please settle down :D I’m gonna flag this to get closed.

No one is out of hand. You just have to go through the proper channels.
You’d be amazed how willing people are to help when you do things the right way.