Virtual airline

I am only grade 2 is there any virtual airline that I Can join???I’m looking for American operations (frontier delta united etc) can you help me find one?

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Have a look through the post below to find VAs for you to join. There are many that allow Grade 2s.
Also, let’s not turn this into an advertisement thread like some of the previous topics made similar to this.


Westsky is always recruiting pilots

Most VAs allow any grade but be sure to check as some do require Grade 3+ or a test that you must pass

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Also, you have to be TL2 to post in #live:va

I’m pretty sure virtual blue does

Is there a frontier one?

They shut down, and I’m not sure if there is one in the works.
Again, all active VAs (at the time of when the database was updated) are on the topic that me and Balloonchaser linked.

The database that both BalloonChaser and AIDoLS included is where you can find the approved VA’s. I’m sure the folks listed as the CEO or representative for that VA wouldn’t mind if you messaged them with your inquiry.

Simply let them know about your current grade status and any other information that you think would be good for them to know so that they can consider you.