Virtual Airline Websites

I want to create a VA website but i dont know how to. I want a website where you can file a flight flown and it has a list of routes and it adds that flight report to your profile. Can i have some advise?

a lot of people use weebly.


I believe you should look to get your own “Crew Center” website. In Crew Centers, people can file flights, search for VA routes, see their current stats, etc.

Might I suggest taking a look at this topic for starting a wonderful Crew Center: Infinite Airlines - Providing best crew websites!

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Some hire professional designers to make amazing sites, but most ad you said use weebly

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That is of you would like to spend some money as well (:


Is wix good too?

All I can say is the Weebley is much better than Wix in my opinion

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I’ve used both Wix and Weebly. I’d say they are about equal (but Wix might be a little bit more expensive, I’m not sure).
However, if you’re looking for a website to showcase your VA, personally, I’d go with GoDaddy. Their website-creator interface is just as simple as the other two, but overall, their prices seem to be much, much cheaper.

[But like I said earlier, if you want a website where people file their flights, have their own profile, etc., then see my CrewCenter post from earlier.]

Just my two cents. :)

I already started making my website with wix. i just need the coding stuff thats all.

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But weebly is free, so…

Oh yeah, I forgot.
But Godaddy does have domains for really cheap. Like $12 a year. So that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

No it needs money to connect domain

Same for Wix, same for Weebly, same for GoDaddy, same for pretty much every website-creator.
If you want your own custom domain/web-address, you’ll have to pay.

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