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Hey! I am planning to make a website for a VA and want to use Vabase but, it costs money. Just wanted to ask if there is any free website making software for a VA. Thanks!

Weebly is an easy to use website.

It’s simple and free for basic purposes.

You can also use it on mobile.


Thanks but for the PIREP?

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That is a crew centre.

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What do you mean?

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I used

‘Crew Centre by Mark Swan’

Search it on Google, it’s free to the top of my knowledge.

Also going back to that weebky website, I made this simply. I had to blur it all out to avoid advertising, although people can probably find out on my profile 😑. Don’t say it on this post, otherwise I’ll flag it because I don’t want to advertise. 😕

And also @Ondrej’s suggestion is great as it is personalized for Infinite Flight.

Can we make a website with it?

Shameless plug:

It’s an integrated website/cc phpVMS skin designed for Infinite Flight. Seems to fit what you are looking for.


Is it free??

It is, but you need to “stock” your files somewhere. (Whis is called “hosting”). Those are most of the time not free, but it’s very cheap. (sometimes less than €5)

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It is possible to do it 100% for free. is a good free hosting site.

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Vabase is good if you know good website coding. Its all code not click and drop like Weebly or Wix.

Thanks for all your suggestions guys! (•‿•)

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