Virtual Airline Survey 2018 - Results Out!

Virtual Airline Survey 2018

Have you ever wondered what your pilots think of your VA? Or want to tell your VA CEO what you think of the VA you’re in, but while staying anonymous? Are you starting a VA and want to know what pilots want?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is for you!

I have created a survey to dive further into what Pilots look for in a VA, and it’s not just for my own benefit, all of the results will be publicly released!

Results have been released! See this post.

Thank you for your time and effort to help improve both current and future Virtual Airlines

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Thank you to all 28 of you who have filled out the survey so far. I cannot believe how popular this has been. Although, if I do the math, 28 people is only 0.064% of the IFC. But the reason I am bumping this thread is not just to say thank you, but also to let you know of a little change to the way this is running. Yesterday, I was sending out PMs to VA CEOs immediately after I recieved a response with somebody allocating they are in a VA. I had 12 responses overnight, and most of them are part of VAs, so I’ve decided that results will not be sent to VA CEOs as soon as they are recieved. I will do a bulk send to each VA CEO when the survey has closed.

– Velocity


If your calculator does the math ;)


I won’t deny that 😂


Is this IFVARB approved?


Looks like it. :)


Ahhhhhh, didn’t see that bit lol

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The form has been closed as I have just realized how long it is going to take me to process all this data (JotForm doesn’t self-generate Graphs).
Results should be out sometime within the next week.


Results are Available!

I would like to apologize for the delay, but the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! We had a total of 60 responses which gives us a pretty good sample space.

The Public Results can be found here

VA CEOs may PM me if they would like a copy of the data specifically for VA CEOs. Note that data will not be given unless you are IFVARB Approved.

Thanks Again for your time!

– Velocity23


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