Virtual Airline - Slack Workspace

Hello everybody. If you were to create a workspace for your VA in slack, what channels would you make?


For my VA, I have a #announcements, #discussions, #flights, #helpdesk & a #events channel. These are the key channels that your VA would need. Anything after that is up to you :)


Okay, thank you very much.

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This is what my VA has at the moment. Each channel is pretty self explanatory.

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These are my channels for example.

WJV-Schedule is to do with the Crew Center (probably will archive along with validator). Rest are self explanatory.

I’d just say having anything that may be necessity to your pilots and all fields of their contribution to the Virtual Airline, general things in game, and general chatter to have your own little community free to talk to eachother as they wish.


My VO’s slack workspace at the moment. They are pretty self-explanatory

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