Virtual Airline Routes


I’m in the process of creating a virtual airline but wanted to know where I can get the full list of routes for my VA already in a database format…I know & but I don’t really want to have to spend hours going through each route and adding it to a database so if anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!


You can actually look on flightradar24 and you can view a lot of routes there.

If you search on Google your VA and then add routes Wikipedia should appear in the search, and they also have routes on there.

If you would like to know anything else about routes etc…. please do send me a message!


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Question: You want for free or you willing to pay?

Cost only £5 - £15 / airline if you like to invest. There’s also option for subscription for monthly, Quarterly or Bi-annual.

hey, I used, good quality!

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Yup, same. It’s also worth it

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yeah, you can download examples and you get all the prices, you can also get a one time thing

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I already stated the price 👍

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I’ve looked on there but it seems that none are available for purchase… I would use them if I I could 😭

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No need to purchase.

Wikipedia and FlightRadar have all the routes.


I would recommend what @SPEEDBIRD101 said here:



I’d really like to use them but as I said, they’re website isn’t advertising any airline schedules available for purchase… hence why I created this topic to search for alternatives 😄

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