Virtual Airline Review [RTW Airways]

There are many, many virtual airline’s in Infinite Flight. As we all know, not all of them are professional. So I decided to review each and every VA, and express my thoughts on it, and anything I would improve.

Let’s stop wasting time and get right into the review!

Today I’ll be taking a look at RTW airways. A brand new VA, which has been in making for weeks (as he post says). This VA is owned/managed by @Kyle.Plane

[ ORIGINAL POST] (Ceased Operations) RTW Airways

I’ll start by the logo:

I like the logo, but the font style that has been chosen is something they should re-consider. As the font style does not look modern, just gives off the “old” look.

If you click on their post, and scroll down to the bottom, you will find that they need some staff for there VA. If I was them, I would get rid of this, as it shows that you don’t have enough staff to run the VA, which can set a very bad first impression.

A solution is to put the recruitment on your website. Making a whole page on your website for staff openings/recruitment is a much better solution.

The Website:

Right off the bat, the website looks very promising. It looks like hours has gone in to making the website. I have checked every single page out, and might I say, well done! One thing to note:
On your fleet page, you’ve written down what rank can fly this and the size of the fleet etc. That’s fine, but to improve that, I believe you should put the takeoff speed and the landing speed.

In Conclusion

I think RTW Airways has had a good start, but they must keep active! As everyone likes a active VA that does events every week or so. The competition is tough, mainting a VA can be hard. But with hard work, and dedication, nothing can beat you.

Overall Rating:


Thank you very much for reading the whole review, means a lot :) Please tell me which VA you want me to review next. It’s been nice, and I’ll see you in my next review.


Thanks for the review! I’ll take all this into consideration and make some tweaks over the next few days :)


It’s the same as every other review you see on the internet nowadays. But I agree it would be good to have an official virtual airline reviewer so Infinite Flight is kept as refined as possible. Thanks for the review @Captain_Dan, appreciated!

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Will this be an official thing supported by FDS?

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Well it sounds official doesn’t it? Looks like it’s going to be an official community run thing.

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I don’t care whether it sounds official or not, I want to know whether it is official and supported or run by FDS? ;)

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@Samuel123abc @anon31652286 It is mod supported but more details will be released soon

Ok, I’ll wait for more updates. Thanks

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Interesting, thanks for the information.

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Very sweet of ya, it’s nice your reviewing them.

This could be the perfect method to make VAs more professional and properly managed.


Any chance of doing Redwings?

@Captain_Dan with respect I think you should have some set criteria you review by. Having takeoff and landing speeds on a fleet page is just ridiculous.


Agreed. VARB will have a strict criteria that is sensible.

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Can you do Redwings and United?

I am just helping the VA owners out by telling them what they need to improve on.

VA owners need to see what there VA looks like to other people, because sometimes you can’t spot the mistakes alone.

@IceBlue, you’re perfectly right, and I’d like to apoligise for not having a very professional start, but hopefully, in my next review, it will be more structered

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Sure thing! Thank you very much for the suggestion :D

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I’ll do that VA next :)

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Thank you for the compliment. Means a lot :)

I’m pretty sure he is allowed to give his own personal opinions on a VA. I don’t think it’s professional telling people to close a thread because you’re chairman of an organisation that doesn’t even exist yet.

Although I do look forward to a body that will help regulate VA’s. However I hope it’s won’t be one that demands VA’s do certain things like past VA Approval Groups.


feel free to review my VA. ICG or International Cargo Group