Virtual Airline Review [RedWings VA]

If you haven’t already so, check out my last review on RTW Airways

Hello guys, my name is Dan, and today I’ll be reviewing RedWings VA, managed by @Giacomo_Lawrance

[ORIGINAL POST] [Rebranding to BOAC VA ] Redwings Virtual Airline

If you scroll down, you will see many people have viewed this VA, around 1.8k people have. That’s a lot of people! But that’s something you need to get started.

In my last review, @IceBlue expressed how I don’t have a criteria to review by. So, in this review (and further more reviews) I’ll be using the following criteria’s:
First Impression: /5
Website: /5
Overall: /10
I will be adding more criteria’s, but this is where I need your help. What other aspect should I review a VA by. Any suggestion is very much appreciated.

Now, that’s out of the way, let’s get right into the review!

First Impression:


Your post about your VA already intrigues me, it makes me want to find out more. I like how you’ve put the routes of your VA, so the ordinary pilot knows what he/she will be flying. Well done for scoring a high mark in this section, because first impression is key!



I feel harsh for giving you this mark, but it’s something you can improve on. I gave you 3 out of 5 because I didn’t like how you put all the routes, fleet, pilots (active pilots flying) and grading all on one page. To counter-act this issue, I think you should make a page for each and every one of the things that I mentioned (pilots, routes etc).



RedWings looks extremely promising, as they have many routes, even global routes already on there website ready to fly. They are one step ahead of the game. I would definitely give this VA a go.

Thank you very much for reading this review, please tell me what VA you want me to review next. It’s been nice, and I’ll see you in my next review.


Thanks for the review! Our routes and fleets are on one page as we don’t want tons of pages confusing people. Please note that the pilot info section is just for pilots, not really for visitors. We currently have over 50 active pilots. Thanks for the review!


Good review! Can I help you out?

You’re are very much welcome. Oh right, I think you should make a pilot portal or something so you don’t get visitors looking at stuff you don’t want :)

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