Virtual airline recruitment

Hey I was just wondering if anyone does VA and wondering if I can get recruited. I need it to be an American airline though thanks. And if anyone wants me. Just send me a private message

Find an airline of your preference… we have plenty of American VAs🙃

Check this out The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database


I’m afraid that’s not how it works… you’ll have to apply for a particular VA and If u meet their expectations they’ll hire you!

Do you know any American ones

Yes I do…

What are the names

Hi Brock,

If you take a look at the link that Addy provided, you will find a whole list of airlines. Airlines that are American, European, Asian, Oceanic, as well as made up airlines.

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Please view the database like you were told above. Everything you need is linked in the topic @ADDY28 gave ya :)


Here’s the link again. Just click right above. 👆🏼