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Hello all, I’m currently making this thread because I’m a little bit confused in how Virtual Airlines work. They look quite to fun be part of, and I’m considering joining one, (if possible). Before I join a VA I have a couple questions about them just to make sure I will know what I’m Doing rather than jumping into something I have no idea what to do and get myself into a predicament.

  1. What should I be expecting?
  2. Is there any requirements
  3. Do I have to use voice chat?

If someone coupd explain to me what exactly a VA is and answer the questions I just listed it would be a huge help, thanks!

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while @ouzi is a bit off topic for what the OP is trying to ask…

VA’s are great. There are tons of them and a lot to pick from. I suggest looking at the VA’s that interest you, meaning, if you are a fan of AA, take a look at AAVA, if you like Delta, DLVA…

Different VA’s have different rules to get in and how they operate. Some use Discord as a voice chat, many use slack. At DLVA, we have requirements that you must be 15 years of age or older and at least Grade 3. Many other VA’s have similar restrictions with what Grade you must be. but there are a lot out there and they are great to be a part of


Read over the pinned topics in the #live:va category and then ask more question as they arise. Thanks.


It always depends on the VA, but you should do your homework and find one you think can offer an environment you would not just feel comfortable in but also enjoy.
Take a look here:

As mwe2187 said, it depends on the VA. Just do your homework as I said earlier and you should be fine.

This also depends on the VA. As far as I am aware though mostly not. At BAVA we only use voice for staff meetings which unless you are staff you don’t need to worry about that.


A virtual airline is basically a group of pilots. Some may fly certain aircraft, some may fly certrain liveries, etc. Each VA is different in how they operate. Some are very simple where you sign up, get approved, fly, and log your flights. Some are more advanced where there are rankings, and rewards that you try to achieve by flying certain routes or planes. Most have their own communication system (slack, discord, discourse, etc) for their internal communications.

Its a great way to encourage flying and to give more purpose for the flight. Its also a good way to meet other people.

You aren’t locked into one VA over another. If one is not a good fit you can always leave and join another. Each VA has their own rules so be sure to review their website for details. Some have rules around how many VAs you can be considered “Staff” on, etc.


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