Virtual Airline Promotional/Start-Up Services

I’ve recently hatched the idea to create a service to help promote Virtual Airline. My service to your Virtual Airline will including Photography for use in Event Promotions and Websites, or any other need you may find for them, edited or not. (Check below for examples) It will also include videography, as your VA Trailer, or to promote an upcoming event, or an event that your VA had recently hosted to promote future ones. These will be beneficial to your growth and success. (Check below for examples; All videos are uploaded via my channel, and will be added to a private playlist for your Virtual Airline) My current services will work through PM’s. I do not plan on setting up a website as of yet. These services do not come as a package, but can be done so if you would like those services. I also am a website designer, media manger, and advisor for IFPM, and would be happy o assist you and your Virtual Airline in these apartments as well, as more of a VA Start-Up Assist Program. These promotions are free of charge, incase the thought came across your mind. My services are also available through IFPM, which includes similar service, with some bonus, but roadblocks like a middle man. You can view their services here. Check the examples below and feel free to DM for assistance, or check out IFPM’s VA Services.
##Unedited Photography

##Photo-Enhancement Photography

Infinite Flight Pictures Media’s Promotional Event Trailer

##Fan-Created Trailers

(This video is a generalization, but aircraft and or airline/livery can be specified and limited to, to stay true to your Virtual Airline)
If you have any questions, or again, wish to get started with these programs, feel free to PM me here on the forums!

With a new member to the team, we should be able to expand our services, and will possibly be offering photos with photoshop for VA promotions and website use. These types of photoshops include subjects such as photoshopped rain, more realistic skylines, etc. This will soon be available as an option if you wish!

##Update (9/24/16)
If you have attempted to use VA Services through IFPM’s website and haven’t received any message back, then please re-request services. As of yesterday, services there are back in running order. Thank you


Would love this for my VA, Redwings:

I’m looking for a trailer. Can you PM me if possible? :)


That first trailer is really well edited. Seriously.
But, if I see A380s parked on regional jet parkings, crashing into each other during pushback, then keeping a 10m distance during taxi and eventually landing without gear, I begin to wonder if it was worth the effort.
In terms of video editing, it was really enjoyable.
In terms of realisitc airmanship… well, you can complete this sentence on your own.


I wasn’t hosting the event. I was able to be there, and was able to experiment with creating event trailers, and that’s what I strived for, and what I feel I achieved there. That is also why I plan to be an assistant for those VA’s that want assistance, that way they can carefully plan out every move they take :)


Update to our services. Check it out!

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This would be interesting

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New update, for all Virtual Airlines that signed up

Your humor is lost on me sir. But I’ll take it anyways.

IFPM is proud to be a CO-HOST for @Zachary_Meir_Tish and his VA services. Link to our website is in my profile if you are interested. IFPM offerers valuable VA services via this specific route. Don’t hesitate ot click the link in my profile and check it out!

~508 (CEO of IFPM)

The VTG group would love to have you help us please if that is all but possible


Feel free to DM me on the forums or sign up through IFPM’s site


Could you please make Lion Air Virtual a Trailer Video, and add your Promotional VA somewhere in the trailer so you can get more VAs to come, thanks :)


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