Virtual Airline Newsletter (VAN) | Latest VA and VO News | Official Thread

Virtual Airline Newsletter | Latest VA and VO News

Introducing the Virtual Airline Newsletter. The Virtual Airline Newsletter is your one stop shop…or newsletter for Virtual Airline News.

We will come at you every month, with the latest and greatest Virtual Airline News from the community!

Our newsletter consists of Virtual Airline and Virtual Organisation news only. Now you may think that is a bad thing, but it saves you hours scrolling through numerous topics trying to find the latest news on your favourite Virtual Airlines. Now you can find it in a matter of minutes with V.A.N (Virtual Airline Newsletter.

Our Latest Edition: (15/01/2019)

Also congratulations to @rileymoyer and Caribbean Virtual for being our first featured Virtual Airline of the Week.

We’re always accepting feedback, so be sure to send me a PM, if you have any feedback or questions!

This thread is IFVARB approved.


How do you source the news as i know there is more than that. Same with the open applications.

I source the news from here on the community. There is much more than what the first edition has in store.

This was the first edition but expect more and more content as we progress. We are just starting out.


This is awesome! I can’t wait to get reading!


Thanks mate! I appreciate the kind words!

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Just a heads up you spelt Vueling wrong but never the less good work 👌🏻


Very nice idea! I can’t wait to start reading.


Bookmarked and set to watching! Awesome Declan!

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Whoops! Sorry about that! Glad you liked it!

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Thanks! Each edition is released weekly!

Thanks for the support!

Submit Your Stories Today!

Do you run a Virtual Airline or Organisation within Infinite Flight, or even just a part of one? Submit your stories today by sending me a PM, for a chance to have your story featured in the next edition.


Have any recent newsletters been available to read?

Not yet, been pretty busy with life in general and practicing for my practical for IFATC. Will keep you updated soon!

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That’s okay! Thanks for the notice.

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Brilliant idea, I have bookmarked the page and look forward to reading the newsletters! 😁

This is awesome! I can totally hop on board with this.

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