Virtual airline needed

American Virtual is an amazing VA! I can link there thread if you would like.



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I suggest you to join All Nippon Virtual. The CEO @SB110 is so friendly:)

This is their latest (I think) thread


As linked by @MJP_27 you can check or #live:va for the VA’s.

Here is there thread :)

You’ll love Delta Virtual. You really feel like part of a community. We are all very kind and welcoming! :)

I applied to deltas last year and failed the test by like 1 or 2 questions:(

You should try again! Once you’re in you won’t regret it.

I submitted an application to American like this morning and haven’t heard anything

I know I just don’t wanna fail again:( Im an aircraft mechanic lol and would love to work for delta for real. But im really bad at these VA tests lol. Like I know my stuff very well. Just not thr written side if if thst makes sense

Don’t give up! I’m sure you’ll pass the test!

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Yeah I get what you mean. It’s probably just the pressure getting to you. Just don’t think about it as a test.

Fedex virtual

How many planes do we get

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A great VA to join would be Finnair Virtual! Here is their thread:

So there is 4 in livery 4 out

Welcome to self-promotion mania that really isn’t needed…let me show you around.


I’ve gone ahead and requested this to be closed. He’s been giving the link to all the VAs and now it’s just a ton of promoting your own VA so I think it’s time to close it.

Please reference IFVARB and decide what you feel is important to you. You can always view VA topics and PM pilots for references.