Virtual Airline Management - New Idea

Hi everyone!

Lately, I have been searching around the internet for realistic airline management games. Some are good, but cost money or lack a sense of accomplishment, and some are just downright boring and unrealistic.

My proposition, is that I make a discord server where people on the IFC can virtually manage their very own airline, Time will pass quicker than real life, so getting started would be easy. There’d be no signup, and no process to go through to be a member.

How it’d all Work:

The discord server will have some read-only channels, where users can only read messages broadcast by server admins. There would be one channel named “Daily Payment", where each airline would get their profits and expenses published for the rest of the server to observe and adapt to. This would allow for friendly competition within the game, and an addition of realism.

Another channel would be made with a list of purchasable and leasable aircraft, and in order for a member to purchase a certain aircraft, they will either message me on discord or submit an autosend form which will go directly to me (if you hate human interaction). Oh, and of course there will be a chat channel for general discussion.

Every day, I will give every participating member their active routes map where they can visually explore their routes.

There will be no slots at airports, but instead flights will have “license fees” which will cost more at different airports and depend on the aircraft size and other factors.

There will be NO money involved in this game, and I am purely doing this for fun, and because I think avgeeks deserve better management games. (Oh, and the game won’t end after a certain amount of time unlike some management games).


  • Yeah! I’ll join this when it comes out!
  • Sounds good but I like what I have already…
  • Nope. Not my idea of fun.

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Obviously this idea needs a lotta work, but I am asking you to vote in order to see if the community is interested or not.

NOTICE TO “FORUM POLICE”: This is not a VA or a VO. It is merely a game idea where there are no machines involved thus making the game more realistic. If you have any issues please PM me first so we can settle it rather than the report button being clicked, and no lessons being learned.


There’s an online game called “Airline Empires” it’s completely free and easy to use.

The IFC doesn’t allow discord links either so promoting it would be difficult


I understand, but anyone interested in this I would PM asap with the discord join link.

Oh and Airline Empires is the game that made me wanna start this because it felt badly executed and it felt like a sorta dead community.

Very creative idea, you have me hooked!

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does anyone remember cyberairlines? I mean its been gone for a few years now but that was the original airline manager, shame the admin gave up on it.

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Maybe some sort of fseconomy?

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I didn’t put it in RWA lol

Then it’s just a bug or something, it shows me RWA (:

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It is in RWA, someone changed it from General. I won’t say their name, but you can see who it is by clicking the edits button in the top right hand corner of the post.

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@Matthew_Chan A virtual airline management game is not real hence why it does not belong in real world aviation.


Amen to that lol I put it in general

I’m guessing when you mentioned paid airline management games, you also tried airlinesim. Which is the best on in my opinion.

sounds simular to IF Passengers, however that is also linked into your flights within Infinte Flight…

I play ‘Airlines Manager 2’ on the app store. Amazing game and extremely realistic

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I play airline tycoon online 3 iOS and Android

Yes but it has a time limit

It may seem that it’s a bad idea. But he’s made it work. It’s logical.

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Airline manager is an awesome app
but this is a great idea!!

Amazing Idea!! I will Join!

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