"Virtual Airline" in profile?

So, my brother recently joined the forum, and when I looked at his profile, it showed a virtual airline he was a part of (which to my knowledge does not exist). Anyway, when he went to edit it, it was no longer there. Any mods have an explanation?


For those of you who are curious, this is his brothers account - @The_Real_Life_Jock


This feature became available earlier this month I recall, you are able to add a Virtual Airline you are with when signing up for the Infinite Flight Community forum. It is a reasonable new feature that was added and cannot be changed in preferences.

I just wish I could change it. I want to put down TravelSky as my VA ;-;

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Maybe just tell him to create that VA!

True, but then again he can barely fly without crashing on PG (Trying to help him out. Told him to come here for tutorials)

Get him to take a look at the Knowledge base too, it has a lot of good information. :)


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You can always add your VA into your bio.

For example:

Virtual Airline: TravelSky

Or if you want it to show right under your callsign then maybe contact a Mod and see what they can do.


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