Virtual Airline Improvements come Global

Once Global Update emerges from the mists of our minds and becomes a reality, solid like the feel of the runway beneath the landing gear…what do you plan on improving in your virtual airlines.
For example: I plan on increasing routes hugely as well as increasing staff at Frontier Virtual Airline.
In the comments below, list your virtual airline whether you are CEO or just a pilot, and put down what your VA has planned or is thinking about doing once Global is unveiled and any airport is available.

VA: Frontier Virtual

  1. Over 100 routes included outside of Denver Region and the entire US as well as International routes added

  1. New Staff (extra admins)
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denver to cancun flights for days

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Very nice!!

I’m not a part of any virtual airline but I honestly can’t wait to see how creative virtual airlines get with their global routes. :)

Here’s our plan:

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But we are thinking of rebuilding the divisions system

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Looks like VA’s are going to be having some fun :)

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Me too lol. I am part of one or three or four haha but I’m still looking forward to it

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Wow that’s a great plan for Frontier, hopefully you guys succeed

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Once you see our plans for Global you will be mind blown haha


Once global flight releases, there’ll be lots of people in VAs especially ones based off of real world airlines. :)


I think Frontier Virtual is going to be a massive success once Global hits


Southwest Virtual will offer all routes flown by Southwest Airlines IRL, to be flown by our pilots when global flight comes out! :)

Exactly how Frontier Virtual is doing there’s :)
And best of luck to you guys.

Thanks! Good luck to Frontier Virtual as well!

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Frontier Virtual is excited to open its doors for regional flights. When Global comes you will see a massive leap!! We look forward to flying with other pilots around the world

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When will global come out

Canberra to Melbourne return in a320 (virgin Australia/ tiger air)

Around November, also I V Australia Virgin Australia

Here at Redwings, we are planning to operate out of EGLL, Heathrow, and fly to major airports, and smaller airports. EGLL will give us access to European airports with out short haul. Its highly likely we will have a fleet of A318’s and A319’s that will operate to American airports that are too small to take larger aircraft.

Looking forward to it, it’s going to be great!