Virtual Airline idea

Is it okay if I make a total fantasy airline for Infinite Flight?

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It would be called a VO (Virtual Organization) and yes it’s okay

Like Umm fantasize it?

Yep, you can make one completely from scratch, however it will be called a Virtual Organisation, instead, due to the fact that it is not based on a real life airline.

@emil personally I wouldn’t fantasize over an airline, but we all have different tastes… :awkward:

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Hello, i can confirm it is legal in IF to make a fantasy airline. However it will not be classed as a virtual airline. Virtual airlines are only based on real life airlines, therefore it will be classed as a virtual organisation. You can find more info regarding this on

Okay people we’ve had the exact same response many hours apart. Question answered. Enjoy your fantasy.

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Information to VARB provided.