Virtual Airline: Hi Fly-IFWA

I.F.F has a new company
Our U.S.A hubs are KLAX T7 and KSAN T2
And our UK hub is EGSS Apron B EGKK gates 30-38 EGLC gates 1-4
our routs are ( all routs and back )
KLAX-KONT SPD: 240 KTS ALT: FL120 EST flight time 10 minutes
KLAX-KSAN SPD: 280 KTS ALT: FL400-FL300 flight time 55 minutes ( out of KLAX turn right 180 to the east edge then turn right 90 degrees own approach )
KLAX-KNUC SPD: 260 KTS ALT: FL180-FL200 flight time 30 minutes
KLAX-KPSP SPD: 280 KTS ALT: FL220 flight time 35 minutes ( right out of KLAX )
EGSS-EGLL SPD: 240 KTS ALT: FL100 flight time 10 minutes
EGSS-EGKK SPD: 240 KTS ALT: FL120 flight time 15 minutes
EGSS-EGBB SPD: 260 KTS ALT: FL180 flight time 25 minutes
EGSS-EGNX SPD: 280 KTS ALT: FL 200-220 flight time 20 minutes
EGKK-EGBB SPD: 260KTS ALT: FL180 flight time 25 minutes
EGKK-EGMC SPD: 260KTS ALT: FL180-220 flight time 20 minutes
EGLC-EGHI SPD: 240 KTS ALT: FL180-220 flight time 20-25 minutes
EGLC-EGBE SPD: 260 KTS ALT: FL 200 flight time 25 minutes
KSAN-KPSP SPD: 280 KTS ALT: FL 240 flight time 35 minutes
KSAN-KONT SPD: 280 KTS ALT: FL 220 flight time 30 minutes
KSAN-KNUC SPD 260 KTS ALT: FL 180 flight time 25 minutes
KSAN-KOKB SPD 240 KTS ALT: FL 160-180 flight time 15-20 minutes
And all of Flybe virtual’s routes
We have 8 aircraft
Our call sign is HIXX or HIXXX I’m HI15
Alliance is IFWA

You should make a website. Use Wix or Weebly. They are both free.

Community is better

Trust me. I made that mistake and it was so unorganised. I had to shut down my VA because everything was all over the place. Websites are really easy and convenient.


It’s only a va airline but I’ll think about it

Your choice. But I highly recommend making a website.

Are u online now

It’s a VA I.F.F community company

You should be more specific about the 737, 747, and the 777. :)

@Skylines told me to make a website and I didnt. But the I decided to do it and it was one of the greatest decisions I made for my airline! Also you can use to communicate with your fellow pilots in your airline.


Great to know that it helped! :)

Weebly requires you to pay for your domain.

Ur welcome

We have decided to open new routes between EGKK and the north of England
And routes between EGLC and noth England

For USA people we have new routes for KSAN

That’s if you want to get a domain without “.weebly” in it. You can get a free domain but you would have to have “.weebly” in it.

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That’s if you want to use your own domain. You can use their “” domain for free. Every VA use this domain. If not use WIX.

Ok thanks!