Virtual airline help

How do i know what airlines are free to use


To know which Virtual Airlines already exist, you can check by following the link below:

@Adam i know you are the owner of Qantas is virgin australia available?

Looking at the list above, Virgin Virtual Group does exist meaning the creation of Virgin Australia Virtual wouldn’t be allowed.

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West jet might be free to make

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did they not just get banned?

I believe they were closed but not banned

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ok i will keep looking but thanks

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Good luck!

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i think i will do Vietnam airlines

or flydubai

someone is making it at the moment

Oh didn’t realize that!

yea but i am not sure i saw someone writing about it but i don’t know if its under planning or development.

do you know if flydubai is available?

It is not if i was you one airline i may do is Ethid, Eva Air

if Eva air i could prolly help you out more because we almost have the same routes

why isnt fly dubai available

Etihad is already made

frick (10c)