Virtual Airline (help me choose)

I’d like to start a virtual airline, I have 3 airlines I’d like to do but obviously I can only do 1, right now I’ve got

•British Airways
•Boeing Freight
•Thomas Cook

What would people be more interested in joining 😁

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British Airways

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There is a wide selection of VAs our there already. Maybe you want to consider joining one of the established ones? Setting up a VA is lots of work and it will be more then just making a post on this forum. You will have to set up a website, recruit staff members and ultimately be different to other VAs to attract pilots.


@jasper haha I know what is involved, your right, it does take a lot of work. But before I do all that I need a airline to base it on. Hence why I made this post :))

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Here comes another thread filled with people advertising their VAs

Also you can probably enter multiple VAs if you really want to, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one.

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I think you Misunderstood what I asked :))

Sorry, replace the word “enter” with the word “create”. And also my point still remains, many people will still feel the need to advertise their own VA in any thread that is in any way related to virtual airlines. Even if the thread as about somebody else’s VA.

Also good luck, I hope your VA goes well

Thomas cook would be interesting as they do a lot of London and Carribean- 2 of my Favs

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yep, always worth checking for current VAs using the search function, already plenty out there that advertise on here!

I’ve settled on British AIrways, website is coming soon, but I’ll make a whole new post on that, thanks everyone for the advice/critism

If you are going for British Airways, check out the Facebook group of IFWP British Airways. Plenty of pilots there who would like to join and am sure some of the admin team would be interested in helping you to run it!

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Why wouldn’t I :P

Thank you very much
I’ll have a look