Virtual Airline for Beginner?

Are there any airline who accept beginner pilots. For example, 16hr flight time and 11 landings?
Help would be appreciated!

A lot of VAs are grade 3 minimum…

However I think IF Hub could be the perfect place to start 👌


Good luck on your journey.

I’ll be honest I lost interest in IF completely. It was only when I discovered VAs that I really started to play it again after 2 years off ✈️


There are a lot of VAs that are grade 3 minimum, but you can check every VA out in #live:va :)
There are some VAs that don’t have grade 3 as required


Check out the VA database

Most VAs accept Grade 3 only, but it’s worth checking out a few threads.

Some VAs and not even VAs some VOs will take you in from scrap and build you up to be a great virtual pilot

They have trainings and videos and all the good stuff necessary

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