Virtual Airline field not available on mobile

So I heard that recently there was a field called “Virtual Airline” that was added… but I couldn’t find anything like that on mobile… Is it only available for desktop site for now?

You should be able to see it. Click on the hamburger menu, it’s a subcategory of live.

I’m sorry but where is this hamburger menu?

It’s the drop down menu next to your profile picture on the right. It looks like a hamburger haha.

He means the option under your username when you register, like Callsign.

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It’s not available on desktop either. It’s only available when you sign up.

Yes I read this before but I just can’t find such a field on mobile so I thought perhaps it’s only available on desktop for now…

Oh sorry, I have been mistaken.

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Oh so only for new members?

Yes. Only when you sign up.

Isn’t it under the callsign option in your profile?

Alright… That was simple… Maybe there was indeed a duplicate somewhere but things get answered faster anyway… @Carson, don’t mind if you help to close this? ;)

Only when you first sign up can you change it.

Well @Henrik said it’s only for new users

What? I’m pretty sure I can edit it.

What’s your VA?

Singapore Airlines

Does that do anything? I put it in the virtual airline affiliation box in your profile.

Could you do the same with me? Skyliner Air is my VA.

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