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Gedday everybody! I didn’t quite know what category to put this in, so if any moderator is seeing this, please move this post to the right topic :)
I am creating a virtual airline and we are almost approved. I want to have custom email domains and addresses for our pilots and I want to find a free custom domain email service. Anyways, I have tried G Suite and it doesn’t fit us. Any recommendations?

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Hey! I’m sorry I won’t be able to help you but this belongs in #live:va I believe. Also BAVA uses those so maybe @Chris_Wing could help you out?


We have paid webhosting that includes a custom domain. If you want free hosting I can recommend although you won’t be able to get a free .com domain.


You can’t get free email domains. It’s just not possible. Dm me I have some ideas

You won’t be able to find this anywhere, you’d have to pay for a custom domain email. The domain we use at MHVA is a paid one and they offered a email along with it - so we have a custom email address to use for all queries etc.

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I don’t necessarily think giving that many people access to your domain name is a good idea for multiple reasons. For staff it may be interesting if it’s needed, I wouldn’t personally do it, but for pilots I wouldn’t recommend it.

I see. Thank you! (I got inspired from my school bcs they gave us emails to communicate with teachers etc)